Verne - Steampunk Travel (Dual Time Zone) Watch

$75.00 $55.00

Verne Voyage Travel Watch - Dual Time Zone, Japan Steampunk Tokyo design, XL 45mm case

Unique weathered finish with large (destination) and small (home) dual display watch movements. A unique design in a high quality, high design execution. The watch strap is made of hemp canvas in military green. The case size is 45mm and lug size is 24mm (note the hinged lug detail) Brand new, with unique gift packaging and under warranty. 

 - Quality materials, finish and construction
 - 45mm case
 - Unique hinged lugs with 24mm hemp strap
 - Japan (Citizen Made) movements (watches uses separate movements for each time zone)
 - Silver Oxide batteries for long life and anti-corrosion
 - COMPARE! This is a very high quality watch and a great value for the money. Money back if not satisfied!